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Concept Artwork - Gimmick Sample 1: First 4 Zones

Article Date: 1 September 2016

Article Number: 5

A: Zone-Specific Gimmicks

A selection of 4 gimmicks from the first 4 Zones, along with functionality notes and other tidbits.

Every Zone will have roughly 25 unique gimmicks, with gimmick usage differing between Acts.

Below each gimmick concept artwork is the bio for its Zone, which will also appear in the game’s manual.

Zone 1: Deli Delight

A landscape filled with cake geometry and other spectacularly sweet stuff, this easy to digest place is certainly open for you to take a

bite and explore. Experience a sugar rush as you swing from candy canes, breeze by marshmallow mounds and bounce off jelly!

Zone 2: Splendid Seaside

Sunny, sandy beaches complimented with unpolluted, clean sea air. Cruising through here should be fairly easy, but keep an eye out for

rough tides and lengthy submersion. Be sure to check out the landmark lighthouse and super duper sand castle if you get the chance!

Zone 3: Gritty Garbage

Gloomy dumping grounds littered with faulty and failed badniks and contraptions. In a land filled with bad

rubbish bags and wacky wheelie bins, will you refuse to rummage through, or outright trash the place?

Zone 4: Flourish Forest

A fine forest that’s constantly blossoming and is home to many woodland critters. Under threat from being wiped out in favour of garbage

disposal, can you survive the claw traps, unwelcome metal rodents, and save the area from deforestation and creature robotization?

B: Zone-Shared Gimmicks

Common Sonic level design elements, re-contextualised with aesthetic differences and slight implementation alterations, in order to fit the trope of each Zone.

From left to right in each row below:

Deli Delight Zone, Splendid Seaside Zone, Gritty Garbage Zone, Flourish Forest Zone.

Regular Platforms

Falling Platforms

General Terrain

Solid-All-Sides Terrain


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