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Projects are listed in order of age, starting at the top with the oldest, and ending at the bottom with the newest.

In addition to my projects, I also draw art pieces and take photographs, which I sell in online stores.

Have a browse around my image galleries in the Picture Parlour or check out my merchandise in the Picture Parlour's Auction Aisle.

Madness Combat Resources

Primary Formats: Nez Tech Downloadables Section

Launch Year: 2007

Years Running: 14

Type: Indefinite / Continuously Rolling

Status: Up And Running Normally

A collection of sprites and audio from the Madness Combat series.

This is a periodically updated collection of graphics (Commonly referred to in the community as "sprites".) and audio, from the very popular Madness Combat series, by author Matt "Krinkels" Jolly.

The .fla files here contain all kinds of characters, weapons, backgrounds, objects and so much more, that many Madness Combat fans have retrieved from the original .swf animation files.

By making these files available to the public, this allows many people with Adobe Flash and/or Adobe Animate to try their hand at creating their own Madness Combat animations, without the need to create graphics themselves.

Of course, it's also great to design your own graphics. However, Madness Combat Resources is particularly useful for those without an artistic touch but with strong animating skills, as well as those who simply prefer using official graphics.

Avast Soundpacks

Primary Formats: Nez Tech Downloadables Section

Launch Year: 2011

Years Running: 10

Type: Indefinite / Continuously Rolling

Status: Up And Running Normally

A collection of Avast soundpacks which I have created.

This is a periodically updated collection of soundpacks for the very popular anti-malware software Avast, by author AVAST Software.

I have created .avastsounds files here which contain an array of various existing sounds from a variety of sources, put together and assigned to play when different Avast alerts and notifications occur.

I have made these soundpacks to give those of you who use Avast products a chance to spice up the software, utilising some different audio that you might like!

Sonic 5 Fan Game

Primary Formats: P.C. Video Game

Development Start Year: 2011

Years In Development: 10

Type: End Goal / Completed Objective

Status: Alpha Development Stage

A fan game which aims to be an unofficial sequel to SEGA's official Sonic 3 & Knuckles game.

Playing as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy, you’ll be traversing across various different tropes and territories, some more familiar than others, in a roster of over 10 Zones.

Along the way, you can jump into checkpoint sparkles to grab power-ups in Bonus Boards, and jump into giant rings to tackle Special Stages and reclaim the Chaos Emeralds.

Crush Doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik's latest malicious plans!

While not playing through Zones solo, you can also team up and compete with others via various different multiplayer match types in Competition mode.

Furthermore, there are special pickups scattered around Zones, as well as post-game Challenge Courses to take on which pit you against a variety of objectives.

Collect and conquer to unlock additional music tracks (Including quite an extensive selection of audio from over 30 Sonic titles.) for customising the game's soundtrack; and unlock bonus concept artworks to see material which founded the game's development, from scans of boss and badnik designs to gimmick planning sheets.

Simple Trainer Creations

Primary Formats: Nez Tech Downloadables Section

Launch Year: 2012

Years Running: 9

Type: Indefinite / Continuously Rolling

Status: Up And Running Normally

A collection of Simple Trainer constructions which I have built.

This is a periodically updated collection of constructions built using the Simple Trainer modification by author sjaak327, in conjunction with objects in the very popular game Grand Theft Auto IV by author Rockstar Games.

Construction data is stored in files with a Configuration Settings (.ini) format. My files here load all kinds of additional objects including blue containers, big half pipes, gigantic oil tanks and various different ramps, in a variety of areas around Liberty City's map.

The goal of Simple Trainer Creations is for me to provide constructions that add fun and new experiences for players to roam around and explore, ranging from blazing speed sky-high ramps to slower paced parkour-esque platforming!

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