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Auction Aisle

Welcome to the Picture Parlour's Auction Aisle.

From this page, you can choose to browse my merchandise by image or by merch type. Additionally, you can find information on how my
sales earnings are split, discover new merch type updates, and see my featured favourite images on a variety of different merch types.

My merchandise stores are hosted on the DeviantArt and Redbubble websites, which include periodically updated selections of my art and photography.

My images can be printed onto various different items, including
bags, apparel, wall art, stationery, home decor, cases and skins!

My merch store on
DeviantArt's website.

My merch store on
Redbubble's website.

Nez Tech pages which cover
various aspects of my merch.

Browse By Merch Image

Browse By Merch Type

Updates & Earnings Info

Featured Favourites

Below, you can see examples of my merchandise for a selection of images that I consider my best work online, picked from each year of uploads.

Best Of 2019: Fancy Fox Face

Best Of 2018: Marblava Volcanicity

Best Of 2017: The Molten-Mechanical Clash.

Best Of 2016: Asteroidestroya

Earnings Disclosure

Please note that all money spent on my merchandise items is split between me and the stores' companies. Find out how my sales earnings are split.

Notice: Original Image Versus Merch Print Differences

Please bear in mind that sharpness/smoothness and specific colouring of my original images will differ across prints on various merch types.

These kinds of differences depend on the respective materials and printing/manufacturing processes of each merch type.


As Of 14 February 2019 Onwards

I no longer have schedules for anything, as setting schedules causes me unnecessary stress.

I am no longer pressuring myself with self-imposed deadlines.

Content will be added/uploaded as and when it is ready.  :-)

A Message From The Author

Hi, it's Naean Howlett-Foster here!

I hope that you are doing well; thank you for checking me and my work out!

If you would like to support me financially, you can buy my art and photography merchandise from DeviantArt or Redbubble, if you wish.
The purchase of my merchandise is warmly welcomed, but never mandatory.

Please do not feel pressured whatsoever to purchase anything from me if you don’t want to.
To all of you who buy my merchandise, thank you so much! It means a lot to me.

Your custom is greatly appreciated, and I hope that you like the item(s) you have purchased!

Wish to make a donation instead of buying my merchandise?

Want to know what your money will help contribute towards?

Click here to find out more!

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View slide shows of my images uploaded in previous years.

See all of my images in galleries, categorised by upload year.

My merch store on
DeviantArt's website.

My merch store on
Redbubble's website.

Nez Tech pages which cover
various aspects of my merch.

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