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Thanks a million to everyone who is a patron of my Patreon account!


All patrons – whether their pledges are big, small or otherwise – are displayed here as part of the Patron Praise ($1+) reward tier.

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Cheers once more for all of you who choose to financially support me!


Notice For New Patrons

If you have recently become one of my Patrons, but your name is not yet visible in the list above, please note that I might be busy drawing,
taking photos, editing audio/video, adding images to merchandise on my
​DeviantArt and ​Redbubble stores, or doing something else.

Due to this, please allow some time for me to edit my website and add you to the Patron Praise list. Thank you for your patience!  :-)

Are You A Patron?

If not, you can visit my Patreon page to find out more about becoming a patron (For as little as $1 per month!) and how it helps me out.

Alternative Financial Support Options & More Information

If you want to assist me money-wise, but don't wish to be a patron, 2 other ways to support me are below. Also below is a link to additional details.

My art and photos on bags, hoodies, T-shirts, posters, framed prints, greeting
cards, notebooks, clocks, pillows, laptop skins, iPhone cases, plus much more.

Place a single one-time donation,
or set repeat donations, via PayPal.

Who I am, what I do, why money helps me
out, where your money goes to, etcetera.

Thank you very much for any and all financial support!

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