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Main Hall

Welcome to the Member Mansion main hall.

In the box below, you can find Nez Tech members. You can also access your member profile, messaging (including friend requests) and settings.

If you try to access any member options or member messaging functionality while not signed in, you will be redirected to a Sign In page.

After signing in, you will then be redirected to the Main tab of your profile.

Create A Nez Tech
Member Account

Don't have a Nez Tech member account, and want to create one? If so...

Step 1

Click the Sign In / Sign Out link at the top of this page, or any other page with the top navigation banner. You will be taken to a Sign In page.

Step 2

Click the Register now for free! link. You will be taken to a Sign Up page.

Step 3

Fill out the registration form, then click the Create My Account button. Please ensure that you agree to the Terms of Service prior to creating an account.

Step 4

After submitting your account creation application, please allow some time for your account submission to be checked and approved.

Account creation applications which contain vulgar, explicit or offensive text in the location, display name or E.mail address, will be disapproved without notice.

Nez Tech Member
Account Management

View and edit a variety of different aspects of your account, including profile, password, and notifications.


View the Main tab, Info tab, or Friends tab of your Nez Tech member account profile.
Here you can find your recent activity log, profile comments, friends list, plus more.

Here you can manage various aspects of your Nez Tech member account profile.

Change your Name, Profile Picture, About Me section, and many other items.


Here you can control if you're notified when somebody comments on your content.
This only covers Nez Tech related items, not Disqus, Facebook, or Chatango.


Here you can manage details related to your Nez Tech member account.
Change information including Email, Gender, Birthday, Location, and Time Zone.


You can use this to change your Nez Tech member account password.
It is recommended to use a mix of numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters.

If you have lost or forgotten your password for your Nez Tech member account,
you can use this to go through account recovery and reset your password.

Nez Tech Member
Account Messaging

View, send, and delete messages, as well as check friend requests.

View inbound messages that others have sent to you.

View outbound messages that you have sent to others.

View messages that you have deleted from other areas.

Create a new outbound message to send to others.


View inbound friend requests that others have sent to you.

To send an outbound friend request to someone, click the Add as Friend link in the Actions section of their profile.


Report Inappropriate Content

If you see a Nez Tech member account which you are confident has inappropriate content,
please click the Flag as Inappropriate link in the Actions section of their profile to report it.

After flagging an account as inappropriate, please allow some time for the flagged account to be reviewed.

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