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This is a periodically updated collection of soundpacks for the very popular anti-malware software Avast, by author AVAST Software.

I have created .avastsounds files here which contain an array of various existing sounds from a variety of sources, put together and assigned to play when different Avast alerts and notifications occur.

I have made these soundpacks to give those of you who use Avast products a chance to spice up the software, utilising some different audio that you might like!

Status: Up and running normally.


Avast Author

The greatest thanks go out to the fantastic author of Avast: AVAST Software. Your time, work, and software customisation capabilities are very much appreciated!


Files are listed in order of age, starting at the top with the oldest, and ending at the bottom with the newest.

Avast Soundpack (.avastsounds) Files

avast! 4.8
Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Addition Dates
20 December 2011
20 December 2011


Date Of Launch: 20 December 2011

Total Number Of Avast Soundpacks Files: 2

Date Of Last Avast Soundpacks File Addition: 20 December 2011

Date Of Last Avast Soundpacks Page Change: 21 April 2018


1: I claim to own absolutely nothing in the files linked from this page.

No copyright infringements or damages are intended.

2: I am in no way responsible or liable for how files linked from this page are used.

Download, usage, distribution and alteration of these files are the sole decisions of the end users.

3: The soundpacks are only compatible with Avast version 5.1 and newer.

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