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⚠️ Important Nez Tech Status Update ⚠️
02 January 2024

I'm delighted to confirm that my website's domain has now been successfully transferred from VistaPrint to Wix.


This means that Nez Tech's overall transfer from VistaPrint to Wix has now been fully completed!

I'll be getting to grips with Wix's editor and general navigation during the days, weeks and months ahead.

New year, new website. Well, Nez Tech will keep its title and domain of course, however as stated prior it'll be undergoing a thorough design and layout transformation.

Starting this month, you can expect Nez Tech's pages to frequently change while a new design is being crafted.


While I'm not setting myself any concrete deadlines, I aim to have my website's revamp done 'n' dusted before April this year.

During ongoing alterations, please be aware that many pages' contents and accessibility will be inconsistent.

Important Nez Tech Status Update: 06 August 2023

I'm currently in communication with VistaPrint support regarding website migration options and service transition clarification.

It's reasonable to expect Nez Tech's redesign process to commence within a month or so from this update's post.

Important Nez Tech Status Update​: 30 April 2023

My Long Outdated Website Will Be Redesigned From Scratch At Some Point

I'm fully aware that Nez Tech is currently in a rather clunky and bugged state, with numerous things broken and unoptimised as a result of this website's automated transition from my prior Webs editor / account to my current VistaPrint editor / account.


All things considered, I've decided that I'll be far better off recreating Nez Tech from the ground up than trying to salvage the old light background design, which I want to change from anyway. The new website design will have notable layout changes and an easier-on-the-eyes dark theme.


There's no E.T.A. on when Nez Tech will be refreshed and polished again, but rest assured it's definitely on my mind and on my to-do list.

When it's done it's done, and it will be done, whenever I have the right spare time and mindset to tackle it.

My utmost apologies for the mess in the meantime!  😅



Important Note


All areas of Nez Tech will not receive any substantial changes until the time comes that I overhaul the entire website.


This includes areas such as the Picture Parlour and Madness Combat Resources,

which won't be getting any new updates or additions until Nez Tech is fully redone.

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