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Welcome to Naean's website: Nez Tech!

Nez Tech has 3 main focal points: community, downloads, showcasing my art and projects.

Check out individual sections of the website for information about them, or alternatively you can head over to the About page for a comprehensive breakdown on various items.

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Featured Art

My Latest Piece

Twirling together. (22/05/2017, 22/08/2017)

You can click the image above to open a larger and higher quality view of it.

More Of My Art

You can find more of my art via my accounts on various social media and community websites.

Furthermore, I also share my art via topics on a couple of forums.

My Art Merchandise

If you would like to support me financially, you can buy my art merchandise via my online stores.

The purchase of my merchandise is warmly welcomed, but never mandatory.

Please do not feel pressured whatsoever to buy anything from me if you don’t want to.

To all of you who buy my merchandise, thank you so much! It means a lot to me.

Your custom is greatly appreciated, and I hope that you like the item(s) you have purchased!

Featured Project

Sonic The Hedgehog 5

A fan game which aims to be an unofficial sequel to SEGA's official Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles game.

Primary Formats: P.C. Video Game

Development Start Year: 2011

Years In Development: 6

Type: End Goal / Completed Objective

Status: Alpha Development Stage

Special Thanks

Nez Tech would not be possible if it were not for the generous hosting, domain and editing services and capabilities of Webs, a Vistaprint company.

I send them so many thanks for giving me the opportunity to create and manage my own website, without possessing programming skills.

Thank you so much for continuously supporting and maintaining your website platform. It is always greatly appreciated!